Ma Dai

Ma Dai

Ma Dai is Ma Chao and Pang De's relationship.


  • Hey! Mook! Should the broke window! (Mook Situation)


  • Ma Dai is affiliated with a brush in this appearance. When he is equipped with it, he can perform a unique attack exclusive to him. Upon performing his Musou techniques, he will automatically use the weapon in his attacks.
  • EX Attack 1: Square, Square, Square, Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle: Spins his brush several times over his head then does an upward slash which will detonate any remaining ink orbs on the field. Dubs the attack as "Senpūjin" (旋風陣, Whirlwind Array) in the Japanese versions.
  • Musou - Inkbomb (疾風弾): Circle: Creates a large orb of ink in front of him, then sends it forward, hitting a large area of enemies. Used in Warriors Orochi 3. Select Musou 1 in Warriors Orochi 4.
  • Alternate Musou - Painter's Fury (烈風閃): R1 + Circle: Creates a ring of ink at his side and sends it forward. Classified as a Multi-strike Musou in Next.
  • X, Triangle: Releases two ink balls that create dragon images upon coming in contact with an enemy or the ground.
  • R1: Waves brush around to raise attack power temporarily.
  • X, R1: Produces several ink balls in a straight line and turns them into dragon images upon landing.
  • EX Attack 2: Square, Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle: Creates three large ink balls that produce phantom images of a phoenix, a dragon, and a tiger. Select Musou 2 in Warriors Orochi 4.
  • Aerial Musou - Strong Gusts (豪風陣): X, Circle: Releases a swirl of ink that turns into an image of a dragon, knocking away surrounding enemies. Used in Warriors Orochi 4.
  • Awakening Musou: Loops weapon around to create ink blasts imprinted with tiger images. It ends with the creation of a dragon image turning into a ball of ink swung by Ma Dai. The extended version has him create phoenix images by swinging weapon in a swift vertical angle, adding an extra tiger ink blast near the end which serves to juggle the enemy even more.
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